🆕 Features

  • Added support for Product Collection type Shopify Discounts.
  • Added ability to filter offers by availability in tandem with filtering by merchant in channel dashboard
  • Added a total offer count in channel dashboard offers view

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the snack bar message incorrectly displayed “published” when unpublishing from offers in the Merchant Dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where [channel.violet.io](http://channel.violet.io) did not redirect to the home page correctly

🧼 Clean Up

  • The Channel Dashboard signup form now includes Company Function and Referral Channel fields, while the Country field has been removed.
  • The Email Address and Organization Slug fields have been disabled in the Channel Dashboard Org Info form.
  • Improved styling of Dashboard onboarding pages when the window width is reduced.


🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where new users were directed to create an org instead of accepting an invite to an existing org
  • Fixed issue where double clicking accept on an org invitation caused a duplicate user entry.
  • Fixed routing behavior on account signup when using the browser back button.

🧼 Clean Up

  • Improved communication for merchant scopes status in Dashboard.
  • Improved styling in the Dashboard Merchant connection panel when window width is reduced.
  • Deleted Company Name field from the Org Info form in Dashboard.
  • Add rate limiting to Dashboard Channel login attempts which can be reset by going through the forgot password flow.
  • Fixed scrolling to view the entire form when window height is shortened in Dashboard onboarding pages.
  • Cleaned up alignment issues on tables when content is scrollable


🆕 Features

Active Monitoring for Shopify Store App Scopes

  • Violet now actively monitors Shopify store app scope changes that could cause a checkout to fail.
  • When store app scopes are missing a MERCHANT_NEEDS_ATTENTION webhook event is now triggered.

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed issue that was leaving offers disabled during catalog resync.
  • Fixed issue that allowed for expired or not started discounts to be used with Shopify carts.
  • Fixed issue where previous offer image would be cropped by the loader when loading subsequent media.
  • Fixed issue where Commission Rate was showing Needs Attention even though it had been correctly set.
  • Fixed issue where adding different credentials for a store in Violet Connect didn’t immediately take effect, causing orders to fail for a number of minutes afterward.
  • Fixed issue for mismatched values for order ID and merchant ID columns on channel orders page.

🧼 Clean Up

  • Granular calls to Connection Health will now update the parent cache for that merchantId


🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where duplicate orders were placed when e-commerce platforms return certain 500 series response codes.
  • Fixed issue where some Shopify merchants did not finish syncing their catalogs.
  • Fixed issue where a Shopify’s merchant’s catalog was marked disabled_available shortly after initially going through Violet Connect.
  • Fixed issue where the sub navigation menu remained open when clicking outside of it.

🧼 Clean Up

  • Updated External Payments information in settings/payments page and External Payments modal on Channel Dashboard.
  • Fixed typos on country request list in Violet Connect.


🆕 Features

Actively Monitoring for Shopify Store Plans

  • Violet now actively monitors Shopify plan changes that can affect the ability to complete a purchase.
  • When a Shopify store moves to an inactive plan (eg. dormant or frozen), the corresponding merchant and its offers on Violet are automatically disabled. Similarly, when the store changes to an active plan (eg. basic), the corresponding merchant on Violet is automatically enabled and it’s offers are resynced.
  • This feature ensures accurate synchronization between Shopify and Violet, maintaining data integrity for the operation of your application.

Merchant Filter

  • You can now filter your offers more intuitively with the new merchant filter on the channel dashboard offers page.

Shared Access to your Violet Dashboard [BETA]

  • Add team members to your Organization in the Violet Channel dashboard
    • Invite collaborators to your org to share management of apps and payments
    • Different features are gated based on the permissions assigned to collaborators
    • This was a large feature and may have a few things to iron out. Please let us know if you find something that could use a bit more polish.

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed issue when wallet based cart was submitted with guest customer causing Shopify to fail.
  • Improves parsing and handling of Shopify API error messages when a merchants store has been shut down or disabled by Shopify.
  • Fixed issue where pricing a cart while applying an invalid discount code resulted in an API error.
  • Fixed issue preventing carts with only digital items from checking out when no shipping address was provided

🧼 Clean Up

  • Removed distracting UI from Login and Account Settings.
  • Removed “Company Name” field from the Edit App Info Dialog.
  • Improved UX for inputs and dropdowns across the dashboard.


🆕 Features

Webhook Simulation Enhancements

Relay [Alpha] has been released with support for Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

  • If you’re wanting to send and receive data in a more streamlined fashion, Relay might be perfect for you. Reach out to support@violet.io to get access.
  • You can read more about how to try out the Relay API here.

Sign up page update

  • The Channel dashboard signup page now has additional information for channels and merchants.

Let’s Chat button

  • “Let’s Chat” button added to Channel dashboard nav bar for channels to get in contact with our marketing/sales team.

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed issue when invalid discounts are added to cart causing a concurrency error
  • Fixed issue where merchant explore panel last items were cut off in dashboard
  • Update docs to call out that offer search with beta flag has incompatible search criteria.
    • sort_by and sort_direction are not supported

🧼 Clean Up

  • Improved scrolling behavior across offers, orders, and merchants tables in dashboard


🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where non live-enabled apps could not see connected sandbox merchants or explore merchant data.


🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Merchant Explore view when an is app not live enabled.

  • Fixed issue where the code verification flow was not consistent.


🆕 Features

Merchant Search Endpoint Enhancements

  • New functionality added to the merchant search endpoint, allowing sorting by sort_by and sort_direction parameters in the request body.
  • This feature provides greater flexibility and precision in locating the desired merchant information.
  • For detailed information, please consult our API Documentation.

Webhook Monitoring for Shopify App Uninstallation

  • Violet now actively monitors Shopify app uninstallation events.
  • When a Shopify app is uninstalled, the corresponding merchant on Violet is automatically disabled.
  • This feature ensures accurate synchronization between Shopify and Violet, maintaining data integrity.


  • Introducing two new webhook events: MERCHANT_ENABLED and MERCHANT_DISABLED.
  • These events notify subscribed channels when a merchant is enabled or disabled on Violet; for example: because of a Shopify app unistallation.
  • Stay updated on merchant status changes by utilizing these informative webhook events.
  • Further details can be found in our Webhook Documentation.

Improved Media Handling on Self-Hosted Commerce Platforms

  • All media content on self-hosted commerce platforms will now be seamlessly uploaded to a Violet-managed Content Delivery Network (CDN) during product synchronization.
  • This enhancement aims to enhance media loading performance on self-hosted stores and allows for dynamic media transformations.
  • More information on this update can be found in our Media Transformation Documentation.

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed publishing_status on Offer Search when using beta mode to be correctly filtered against.

🧼 Clean Up

Enhanced Security for User Verification Flows

  • Security enhancements have been implemented for the user verification processes within the dashboard.
  • These improvements bolster the security of user accounts and interactions.

Streamlined Merchant Login Code Verification

  • The previously used code verification iframe in the merchant login process has been replaced with a native code verification page.
  • This change enhances the user experience and provides a smoother login process.

Improved Error Handling for Channel Forgot Password

  • Error handling for the Channel forgot password functionality has been refined.
  • Users will now receive clearer error notifications through a user-friendly snackbar interface.