Only Required for Channels bringing their own BigCommerce App.

The following guide is only for channels that wish to use their own BigCommerce app. This would be an app that you developed and have listed in the BigCommerce app marketplace. If you are using the Violet BigCommerce app the below requirements do not apply to you.

To connect BigCommerce merchants to your application through Violet, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Have a BigCommerce Application
    • If you do not yet have a BigCommerce application, follow this guide from BigCommerce.
    • Your app must include and embedded UX. This can be something as simple as a page rendering your company logo. There are no requirements from Violet as to the contents of this UX. This URL must be provided to Violet.
    • You will need to know your BigCommerce app ID.
  • Your BigCommerce app must have the following scopes at a minimum.

Minimum required BigCommerce App Scopes

  • Additional App Scopes (if your Commerce Platform app requires scopes beyond the minimum required scopes). Any additional app scopes must be shared with Violet.
  • Your BigCommerce app must use the Violet onboarding wizard as an Allowed redirection URL.

You will find the Allowed redirect URL(s) field in the URLs section of your App setup view.

  • Provide Violet with Client ID and Client Secret for your BigCommerce application. These are required for Violet to communicate with with BigCommerce on your applications behalf. Any OAuth keys that are later created when merchant’s connect will be scoped to your applications Client ID and Client Secret. Please contact your Violet representative to provide these values when you are ready.

You will find your credentials in the App list view of

Merchants must have 3rd party cookies enabled and any ad-blockers or browser shields in their browser disabled when using . It is recommended that these actions are taken before they begin the connection process.