Here is a step by step guide your merchants can follow to onboard to your app:

Violet Connect is a process that your merchants will complete themselves, it is not a process Channels complete on behalf of their Merchants. We do recommend trying it out for yourself first though, using a test store.

  1. Enter their email address. This step creates an account for the merchant if one doesn’t already exist in the Violet ecosystem. This email address is what will need to be used if the merchant is trying to access their merchant dashboard on

    We highly recommend that channels encourage their merchants to use a mailing list email address to create their merchant account as this will let them manage who has access to the merchant dashboard and it is not tied to any one person in the company.

  2. Once signed in, the merchant needs to select the e-commerce platform that their store is hosted on. Each platform will have a different set of credential requirements.

    Once a platform is selected, we recommend reviewing the relevant “Platform Guide”, which is platform specific, before continuing. This will tell your merchant what information they will need to keep ready for the upcoming steps.

  3. Depending on the platform, the merchant will then need to enter their Store URL.

  4. The next step is inputting the credentials they have created from their merchant store. The platform specific onboarding guide will show your merchant how to access these.

  5. Your merchant will then need to create a payout account

    If you are bypassing Violet Payments (not the standard flow) this step will not appear. Let Violet know if you want skip this step for any other reason and we can configure that.

    To create a payout account, select the country your bank account is in. You will automatically be routed to Stripe’s onboarding flow to connect a payout account and complete KYC. You can learn more about this process in the Stripe KYC Guide.

  6. Your merchant will now be prompted to select a commission rate. This commission rate only applies to orders placed from your application and is usually pre-agreed upon by you and the merchant. You can confirm whether or not the correct commission rate was set by your merchant on your dashboard.

  7. Your merchant is all set! They’ll now be redirected to the URL you configured in your app settings.

If your merchant ever needs to change their credentials, they will need to use the same email they used originally to connect that store, otherwise they will be told “Store URL Already Connected”

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