This guide is intended for SpreeCommerce merchants who are connecting their store to Violet. During this process, the merchant will create a new oAuth application in their Spree dashboard and then provide the generated credentials to Violet through the Violet Connect onboarding tool. The merchant will retain full control of the created oAuth application and can modify or remove it at any time from within their Spree dashboard. Total time for completion is around 3 minutes.

Step 1: Creating App Credentials

  1. From the left navigation sidebar of your Spree dashboard navigate to Apps → oAuth Applications.
  2. In the upper right corner click the New oAuth application button.
  3. Enter a Name for the new application that will remind you of the reason for creating this key. This can be as simple as “Violet” or the name of the channel you are connecting to.
  4. In the Scopes field enter admin write.
  5. Click the Create button. Your application will now be created.
  6. The Client ID and Client Secret for the newly created application will now be revealed. Copy these values and keep them available for Step 2 of this guide.

Step 2: Provide App Credentials to Violet

Once you have your Client ID and Client Secret, it’s time to return to the Violet Connect onboarding tool and enter the follow credentials created in the previous steps:

  1. When prompted for your store URL, enter the full URL including the protocol. Example -
  2. Enter your Client ID obtained in the previous steps in the “Client ID” field.
  3. Enter your Client Secret obtained in the previous steps in the “Client Secret” field.

Once entered, click the Connect button to validate the credentials and complete the connection between your store and Violet. If the credentials are invalid you should check for any spaces or other copy/paste errors and try again.

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