Default Store Configuration in Shopify

When a Merchant creates a new store in Shopify, the default configuration is as follows:

  • 2 Markets
    • US; Domestic: Active
    • Rest Of World; International: Inactive default-markets.png
  • 1 Location; Inventory Storage
    • This typically corresponds to the address you have added to your Shopify store profile. default-locations.png default-location-edit.png
  • Default General Shipping Profile
    • Automatically linked to all products

    • Shipping Zone for all Markets

    • Shipping Zones tied to all Locations default-shipping-top-view.png

    • Shipping Zones with Default Shipping Rates default-shipping-profile-edit.png

Configuring Your Store for Regional Shipping

To make your products available for shipping to customers in a specific region, it’s essential to ensure that the following settings are configured correctly:

  • Market
    • To create a Shipping Zone for your customer’s address, you must first have an active Market. Please note that it may take approximately 15 minutes for changes in market status (Active/Inactive) to be recognized in the checkout process. custom-markets.png
  • Shipping Profile
    • You need to create a Shipping Profile to house your Shipping Zones.
  • Shipping Zone
    • You must create a Shipping Zone to which you can attach Shipping Rates. custom-shipping-top-view.png
  • Product-Shipping Zone Association
    • To display available Shipping Methods during checkout, each product you wish to sell must be associated with a Shipping Zone. Please note that each product can only be linked to one Shipping Profile.
  • Shipping Zone Rate
    • Ensure that you have defined a Rate for your Shipping Zone to provide customers with Shipping Method options during checkout. custom-shipping-us.png custom-shipping-ca.png custom-shipping-dz.png
  • Inventory Location
    • The presence of inventory in the Location attached to your Shipping Zone is not a requirement. As long as there is inventory in any location, your products can be checked out. custom-locations.png custom-location-edit.png
  • Product-Market Association
    • It’s not mandatory to associate your product with a specific market to make it available for checkout through the Violet API.
  • Location Priority
    • Violet has a global view of inventory across all locations in your Shopify store. This also impacts the shipping rates that a customer is shown during checkout. For this reason, make sure that you update the priority order of locations where products are shipped from. location-priority.png