Can we support a different payment provider?

How are refunds handled?

How are refunds initiated?

How are orders cancelled?

How does Violet handle multi merchant checkout with differing Payment Service Providers (PSPs)?

What should we do if there’s a non-US merchant trying to connect a USD bank account?

If we are using our own payment process, why does Violet still require billing address?

Can I issue store credit to a Shopper?

How should I use Stripe Test Mode?

How can we change commission rates?

When is a Customer card charged?

How does a merchant get paid?

How often do merchants get paid out?

How do chargebacks work?

How does commission work & how is the commission calculated?

How does a channel do payment bypassing?

How are payments processed considering the fact that Shopify requires the use of their payment stack?

Can we connect to Existing Stripe Accounts?

How does /v1/checkout/cart/{cart_id}/payment/update work?

How does Violet and Stripe calculate and collect sales tax?

How do we attach a payment method to a payment intent created by Violet via the Stripe API?

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