What is a SKU?

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) represents an individual item that a shopper can purchase. One Offer can have multiple SKUs. Shoppers cannot purchase an Offer directly, only a SKU, since a SKU is a specific combination of ‘variants’ that represent an actual item.

For instance, an Offer may represent a t-shirt. This shirt may have variant options for COLOR and SIZE. The combination of the RED color variant option and the MEDIUM size variant option creates the individual SKU.

SKU Data

Each SKU has its own unique ID. SKU data includes specific details about a product, such as quantity available and pricing information.

You can access individual SKU data within the Offer Object, or retrieve data for a specific SKU by using its ID.

Here is an example of a SKU as part of the Offer object:

Here is an example of a SKU object in isolation:

You can learn more about how to interact with SKUs in our API Reference.