The metadata sync feature is not enabled by default. If you plan to use it with a Merchant, please contact support and provide the merchantId you would like to have sync enabled.

Offer metadata allows for the custom data that merchants have applied to their products to be surfaced with the Violet Offer object. It is currently only enabled on a per-merchant basis as most commerce platforms (including Shopify) require additional API calls to be made in order to access metadata. By enabling metadata on a per-merchant basis we can ensure that the sync performance is not degraded for merchants who don’t utilize metadata.


When present, metadata will be available on the metadata property of an Offer object.

version - the schema version for the metadata (all will be 1.0 at this time)


external_type - raw value type from the external commerce platform

key - the key or name that represents the data

value - the value of the data

source - INTERNAL | EXTERNAL (all metadata is EXTERNAL at this time)

When the type property has a value of JSON the value property will consist of a serialized JASON string.

Including Metadata

By default, metadata is not included in the Offer data returned by the Violet API. To include metadata, you must add an include query parameter with a value of metadata.

This feature works with the following endpoints:

Supported Platforms

  • Shopify

Syncing Metadata

Once a store is connected and metadata sync is enabled, Violet will sync with the Merchant’s metadata regularly.