The collections sync feature is not enabled by default. If you plan to use it with a Merchant, you can use this endpoint to enable collection syncs for that Merchant.

Offer collections refer to curated groups or sets of offers that share common characteristics, themes, or purposes. Merchants often create offer collections to enhance the shopping experience for customers and to organize their inventory more effectively. These collections can be based on various criteria, such as product type, seasonality, trends, or specific themes.

Each Collection in Violet has a unique Collection ID, which allows for easy identification of individual collections. A Collection also has an ExternalID, which is the ID assigned by the e-commerce platform.

You can interact with our Collection model using our Catalog APIs.


There are 2 types of collections:


Manually curated by merchants. The merchant needs to select each offer inside the collection.


Automatically curated by the platform given a set of rules. The platform is responsible for selecting the offers inside the collection. Eg.: Offers that contain blue in the title.

Supported Platforms

  • Shopify

Syncing Collections

Once a store is connected and collection sync is enabled, Violet will sync with the Merchant’s collections on a daily basis. This frequency can be adjusted as needed, by request.