Customers are applied to Violet at the Order level and shared across all Bags. The model that Violet accepts for customers includes both Billing and Shipping addresses in the same request, as seen below:

        "first_name": "First",
        "last_name": "Last",
        "email": "",
        "shipping_address": {
            "phone": "+19171111111",
            "address_1":"123 Brooklyn Street",
        "same_address": true //This denotes that Billing and Shipping addresses are the same

The phone field is a part of the OrderAddress object because many e-commerce platforms require it as a shipping field, not a customer field. This is to assist during order delivery.

Violet currently only operates on the Guest Customer model and does not let you save these customers on our end for re-use. If you’re looking to power repeat customers, we recommend saving this information on your end and passing it in during cart creation.

Apply Customer Details to a Cart

You can also add customer details, including address details, if desired, to a Violet Cart independent of Order Addresses using the Apply Customer Details to Cart endpoint, as seen below:

curl -X POST{cart_id}/customer \
-H "X-Violet-App-Id: your-app-id-here" \
-H "X-Violet-App-Secret: your-app-secret-here" \
-H "X-Violet-Token: your-token-here" \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-d '{"first_name": "Ultra", "last_name": "Violet", "email": ""}'

Apply Shipping and Billing Addresses to Cart

If Customer Details are added without an address, you’ll be required to add in addresses using the Apply Address to Cart endpoint before requesting shipping methods, as seen below:

curl -X POST{cart_id}/shipping_address \
-H "X-Violet-App-Id: your-app-id-here" \
-H "X-Violet-App-Secret: your-app-secret-here" \
-H "X-Violet-Token: your-token-here" \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-d '{"phone": "+19171111111", "city": "Seattle", "state": "WA", "country": "US", "postal_code": "98104", "address_1": "925 4th Ave"}'

Apply Shipping and Billing Addresses to Cart (Apple Pay)

When using Apple Pay, Apple does not provide a complete shipping and billing address until after payment authorization. In order to accommodate for this, Violet allows you to leave certain fields, such as address_1, blank. This can only be done if the Order has been marked with the field wallet_based_checkout: true. You can learn more about how to use Apple Pay and other wallet based payment methods, here.