Violet allows you to export financial transactions, from the point of order through payment processing, to eventual payout, with a detailed breakdown of fees, commissions, and other financial metrics related to orders and their components. This page provides details on the columns you are able to export.

The Distributions section outlines the specifics of the split of payments, including refunds, for a given bag in an order. This is the most granular level of financial data available to you, since you’re able to see how much commission was received by a specific merchant in a single order. Each record has a unique ID, a creation date, an amount that could be positive (for payments) or negative (for refunds), the currency used, and the type of transaction.

Payment Gateway details involve the mechanics behind processing payments through our payments provider, Stripe. It includes the service name, total fees (which are a sum of fixed and volume-based fees), and an external transaction ID for tracking purposes.

Payouts are the top level funds receieved in your bank account via Stripe, for a collection of Orders. Key information such as the payout ID, date, and amount are initially null until the transfer initiates. It also specifies whether the payout is for a merchant or a channel.

Order and Bags sections are about the sales transactions. Orders are identified by an ID and have a total value, which gets replicated in associated distributions for multi-bag orders. Bags carry detailed information about the sale, including ID, merchant details, commission rates, totals for various calculations (subtotals, taxes, shipping, discounts), and a refund ID if applicable.


Field NameExport NameAPI NameDefinition
Distribution IDdistribution_ididThe id of the Distribution record
Distribution Date Createddistribution_date_createddate_createdThe date the Distribution record was created
Distribution Amountdistribution_amountamountThe amount of the Distribution. Can be positive or negative based on type.
Distribution Currencydistribution_currencycurrencyThe currency of the Distribution.
Distribution Typedistribution_typetypeThe type of the Distribution. Can be of type PAYMENT or REFUND

Payment Gateway

Field NameExport NameAPI NameDefinition
Payment Servicepayment_servicepayment_serviceThe payment gateway provider (e.g. Stripe, Nuvei, etc.)
Payment Service Total Feepayment_service_total_feepayment_service_total_feeThe total fee is equal to the fixed fee plus the volume fee
Payment Service Fixed Feepayment_service_fixed_feepayment_service_fixed_feeThe fixed fee of the charge. Depends on the gateway fee and number of bags in an order. (e.g. Stripe fixed fee on single bag order is $0.30)
Payment Service Volume Feepayment_service_volume_feepayment_service_volume_feeThe volume fee of the charge. Depends on the gateway percentage taken and total cost of the bag. (e.g. Stripe volume fee on a 10.00bagwouldbe10.00 bag would be 0.29)
External Transaction IDpayment_service_external_transaction_idexternal_transaction_idThe id of the charge in the external payment gateway


A payout is generated when money begins to transfer to your bank account. Before that happens the id, date, and amount fields on a distribution record will be null.

Field NameExport NameAPI NameDefinition
Payout IDpayout_idpayout_idThe ID of the Payout that the distribution is associated with.
Payout Datepayout_datepayout_dateThe date the Payout was created.
Payout Amountpayout_amountpayout_amountThe amount of the payout. This is the amount that will be seen transferred into your bank account. In the export, this amount will be duplicated on each associated distribution.
Payout Account Typepayout_account_typepayout_account_typeThis determines whether the Payout was to a merchant or a channel.


Field NameExport NameAPI NameDefinition
Order IDorder_idorder_idThe ID of the Order that the distribution is associated with.
Order Totalorder_totalorder_totalThe total of the Order. In multi-bag orders, this amount will be duplicated on each associated distribution.


Field NameExport NameAPI NameDefinition
Bag IDbag_idbag_idThe ID of the Bag the distribution is associated with.
Merchant IDbag_merchant_idmerchant_idThe ID of the Merchant on the Bag
Merchant Namebag_merchant_namemerchant_nameThe name of the Merchant
Merchant Commission Ratebag_merchant_commission_ratemerchant_commission_rateThe commission rate the Channel will receive from the Merchant sale
Bag Totalbag_totalbag_totalThe total of the Bag
Bag Sub Totalbag_subtotalbag_sub_totalThe subtotal of the Bag before tax, shipping, and discounts
Bag Tax Totalbag_tax_totalbag_tax_totalThe tax of the Bag. Tax is calculated after discounts, before shipping.
Bag Shipping Totalbag_shipping_totalbag_shipping_totalThe shipping total of the Bag.
Bag Discount Totalbag_discount_totalbag_discount_totalThe discount amount of the Bag, comes from the subtotal. (e.g. 10% off 50,wouldshow50, would show 5.00) in this field.
Refund IDrefund_idrefund_idIf the distribution is a refund, this is the ID that can be used to get refund data from the API

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