Exporting Payouts lets you access information that is not present in the Payouts dashboard by default, such as additional columns and filtering by specific date ranges. You can export Payouts to your local computer in the form of a CSV file to use in Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

To export Payouts, start by navigating to the Payouts dashboard on your Violet dashboard.

  1. Go to https://channel.violet.io/payouts.
  2. Click the “Export” button in the top right hand corner. This will open up a modal titled “Export Payouts”.
  3. Now select a date range for which you want to export Payouts. All payout columns will be included in the export.
  4. Click “Export”:
  5. Once you’ve clicked export, Violet will start generating this file. Since data can span over many months, this file generation can take more than a few minutes. You can wait on the same screen, or click “Notify me” to receive a notification in the notification center once export is complete.
  6. If you’ve waited on the screen, you can click “Download” once the export is ready.
  7. If you opted to be notified instead, you should get a notification when your export is ready. Navigate to https://channel.violet.io/notifications to grab the export from your most recent notification.
If you are trying to reconcile payouts to your bank account with this data, we recommend exporting plus and minus 5 business days. This is because payouts are automatically handled by Stripe and the date of the Distribution (i.e. date of the Order) could be different to the date of the payout.