Relay is a new product offering from Violet that allows our users to leverage our unified API for use cases outside of Checkout.

Relay enables you to access a real-time data across any integrated E-commerce platform — Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Square, etc. — through a single API and unified model. Violet does the hard work of integrating to each of these platforms and unifying the data so that you can focus on building the experiences you need.

Using Relay, a channel can directly access Product, Order and Collection data as well as subscribe to any updates related to this Product and Order data using webhooks. We also power bi-directional capabilities, so that you can perform your business operations, such as identifying fraudulent orders or performing pricing analysis, and then write data back to your merchants through the same API.

Relay is a different product offering to Checkout. If you’re familiar with our Checkout offering, you may already have a Violet application. You will need to contact us on to get your app Relay-enabled.

When using Relay you are responsible for working within the bounds of the rate limits imposed by the external commerce platforms. When rate limits are exceeded some requests will begin to fail. You can view more information on Rate Limits here