The Commission Rate is the percentage portion a channel receives from a merchant each time a product is sold. Violet does not maintain the commission-rate relationship between you and the merchant, however, when a commission rate has been negotiated and set in Violet, we ensure that your portion is transferred at point of sale.

Channels do not control the commission rate, however, it is up to you to work with the merchant to establish an agreed upon commission rate. Merchants can then define any value from 0% to 100% commission rate to be applied to its products during their onboarding process or from as seen in the guide below. This commission rate only applies to you. If the merchant works with other Violet Channels, they will have a commission rate set for each of the channels.

How to change commission rates

Only Merchants can change their commission rate. Channels do not have the ability to change commission rates from their end. You can ask the merchant to update the commission rate by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to,
  2. In the section that says “[Your Channel Name]”, hovering over the commission rate current set
  3. Clicking “Edit”
  4. Confirm that this is a change they are trying to make by following the prompt
  5. Enter the new commission rate
  6. Submit