Violet allows you to export financial transactions, from the point of order through payment processing, to eventual payout, with a detailed breakdown of fees, commissions, and other financial metrics related to orders and their components. This page provides details on the columns you are able to export.

Payouts are the top level funds receieved in your bank account via Stripe, for a collection of Orders. Key information such as the payout ID, date, and amount are initially null until the transfer initiates.


A payout is generated when money begins to transfer to your bank account. Before that happens the id, date, and amount fields on a distribution record will be null. These fields will always be present as part of a payouts report. They are not customizable.

Field NameExport NameAPI NameDefinition
Payout IDididThe ID of the Payout that the distribution is associated with.
Payout Amountpayout_amountpayout_amountThe amount of the payout. This is the amount that will be seen transferred into your bank account. In the export, this amount will be duplicated on each associated distribution.
Payout CurrencycurrencycurrencyThe currency of the payout.
Payout StatusstatusstatusOne of PAID, PENDING, IN_TRANSIT, CANCELED, FAILED.
Payment Servicepayment_servicepayment_serviceThe payment gateway provider (e.g. Stripe, Moov…).
Payout External IDexternal_idexternal_idThe id of the payout in the external payment gateway.
Payout Date Createddate_createddate_createdThe date the Payout record was created.
Payout Settlement Datedate_settleddate_settledThe date the Payout record was settled.