With Violet, you can provide your shoppers with an end-to-end checkout experience all without leaving your app. From creating a cart and adding products to shipping and delivery; Violet lets you checkout from any Merchant without any customization.

Currently Violet passes all failures in checkout relating to surpassing rate limits downstream. When integrating with Violet you must consider and prepare for such scenarios in all API calls to Violet. Handling rate limits with Violet

The Violet Checkout process is as follows and is the same for products across all integrated Merchants:

Create a Cart

POST /checkout/cart Create a Cart

Add Items to Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/skus

Add Discounts to Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/discounts

Apply a Shopper to the Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/customer

Apply Shipping and Billing Address to Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/shipping_address
POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/billing_address

Apply Shipping Methods to the Cart

GET /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/shipping/available
POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/shipping/available

Apply Payment Method to Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/payment

Finalize pricing details for the Cart

GET /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/price

Review the order with the Shopper and Submit Cart upon confirmation

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/submit