Before you get to creating orders we want you to understand the concepts of Merchants, Catalogs, and Products, as well as how they work within Violet. Merchants are storefronts that have integrated themselves with Violet, allowing for their catalog of products to be available through the Violet APIs. Additionally, Merchants have given Violet the access to write, read, place orders directly with their systems; allowing Violet (and you!) to seamlessly checkout. Merchants can be public or private when integrated with Violet. Public Merchants allow any Violet customer to view their catalog while private merchants require prior authorization for your Violet application to transact with them.

Continue with this recipe to retrieve a list of test merchants, see what they look like in Violet, and learn how to use this information. In this Recipe, we are only interacting with a few of the available Merchant APIs. To learn more about Merchants in Violet and for the complete list of available APIs, please refer to our Merchants page.

What Merchants can I connect to?

You can get a list of all the merchants that your app has access to by using the following endpoint.

From the response above, note down a Merchant Id for the next call and next section of this recipe. You will use this Merchant Id to retrieve specific information about this merchant as well as while interacting with Catalogs in the next section. In the example below, we have taken the Id 10000 which is for the Violet Besties Store.

Get Individual Merchant Info

Get an individual merchants info