With Violet, you can provide your shoppers with an end-to-end checkout experience all without leaving your app. From creating a cart and adding products to shipping and delivery; Violet lets you checkout from any Merchant without any customization.

The Violet Checkout process is as follows and is the same for products across all integrated Merchants:

Create a Cart

POST /checkout/cart 

Add Items to Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/skus

Apply a Shopper to the Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/customer

Apply Shipping and Billing Address to Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/shipping_address POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/billing_address

Apply Shipping Methods to the Cart

GET /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/shipping/available POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/shipping/available

Apply Payment Method to Cart

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/payment

Finalize pricing details for the Cart

GET /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/price

Review the order with the Shopper and Submit Cart upon confirmation

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/submit

Updated 19 May 2022
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