Merchants have products stored in their e-commerce platforms. We want to make those available to Channels easily and directly. Once a Merchant has onboarded and connected to your Violet Application, you will be able to access their products and facilitate checkout on their behalf.

In test mode, including while working through our Guides, you will see test merchants you didn't know or connect to yourself. That's okay. These sandbox merchants are connected to test stores on real ecommerce platforms, so what you are seeing from Violet is what you would get from a Merchant on Shopify, or other platforms.

Though the merchants won't be familiar, the experience of viewing and getting merchant info will be the same as in production.

Public Merchants

Public Merchants are those that have opted in to allowing any Channel have access their product catalog and facilitate transactions on their behalf. As a Channel you will immediately have access to any products these merchants offer as soon as their catalogs are synced to Violet.

Private Merchants

Private Merchants are those that limit which Channels can access their product catalog. Merchants opt in to each connection on an individual basis of consent.

The Violet Merchant APIs allow you to view information about the various merchants that are integrated with Violet and that your application has access to. The available APIs are as follows:

Get Merchants your Violet app has access to

GET /merchants

Get merchants connected to your Application

POST /merchants/search

Get Merchant details for a given merchant ID

GET /merchants/{merchant_id}

Get Merchants for a given Platform

GET /merchants/byPlatform/{platform}

Get Merchant details by store URL

GET /merchants/query?url={store_url}

Updated 19 May 2022
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