Violet Connect is a hosted commerce platform onboarding tool with a brand-able experience. Channels will direct merchants to this experience where they will complete the necessary steps to connect their store to Violet. Once connected, the merchants catalog will become available for use by the channel that initialized the connection. The channel will be responsible for providing Violet with their branding assets, and define their preferred configuration options, before the Onboarding Wizard can be enabled.

Channel Assets and Setup Onboarding Experience

The channel will be responsible for providing the following values that will populate and configure the onboarding experience. In these values can be configured by you in the Channel dashboard. There may be additional configuration options that will be discussed during your integration.

  • Custom Path (ex. connect.violet.io/myapp)
  • App Name
  • App Description
  • Square Logo or Icon
  • Supported Commerce Platforms List
  • More Info URL
  • Redirect URL (where the merchant should return to upon success)

Once these values have been provided to Violet they will be applied to your Violet app’s configuration. If you have these values ready you can configure them on channel.violet.io

Commerce Platform App Credentials

In addition to the branding assets, Violet will require any credentials or relevant assets (plugins, links to marketplace listings, etc) required to communicate with or connect to the commerce platform. Instructions will be provided on a per-platform basis so that requirements are clearly defined.

Going Live

Once you have completed the above prerequisites you will be ready to go live. Today, going live will simply be the process of Violet enabling your app to go live and then you providing your merchants with a link to the onboarding experience.

  • Link structure for reference
    • connect.violet.io/myapp