When Violet is processing payments on your behalf, we allow you to choose between showing your App Name or the Merchant Name as a statement descriptor if your order meets certain conditions.

  • Single Merchant Orders - Merchant name will be shown in statement descriptor. If this is a US-based merchant, the VLT* prefix will be replaced by a Stripe KYC generated prefix for this Merchant.

  • Multi Merchant Order - This will always show VLT* APP_NAME where APP_NAME is the name of your app.

To configure this, please reach out to our support team. By default, Violet uses the App name (the “Use Channel” option below) as the statement descriptor.

The following table illustrates what your shopper will see in different order scenarios depending on the configuration you choose to use:

In the table above:

  • VLT* is applied as a prefix to denote a Violet order. This gets replaced only for single bag orders placed for US merchants.
  • APP_NAME is the name of your App. This was configured by you in your Channel Dashboard.
  • MCHNT is the name of the Merchant.
  • MCHNT_WEBSITE is an auto-generated prefix for US-based merchants based on their business information. For US-based merchants, Violet has the ability to use the statement descriptor prefix that is associated to their business, once they have completed Stripe KYC during the onboarding process. This usually defaults to the merchant website.