As you develop a storefront, one of the most important things to understand is how you will get paid when items are sold. How does money reach your account for sales made through your application? How will that money reach the Merchants you have integrated with? Violet gives you two ways to handle this:

  1. Violet Payments - Violet gives you and your merchants the ability to link a bank account and takes care of the rest. This is available out of the box and requires no extra effort to integrate.
  2. External Payments - You leverage all of Violet’s other APIs but handle all payment processing, including charging the customer and paying out the merchants yourself. This solution is intended for Channels who have a complete payment solution and are able to fully manage transactions between shoppers and merchants.

Violet Payments

With Violet Payments, all payment processing, including charging the customer, calculating the commission split for each party involved and paying out each party is handled by Violet. Violet also handles all logic to refund payments if there is a return. No extra engineering effort is require to support payments using Violet Payments.

As a part of Violet Payments, we include support for Stripe.js V3, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other wallet-based checkout options out of the box. You can learn more about integrating with these payment options below

  1. Stripe.js V3
  2. Apple/Google Pay

External Payments

With External Payments, you are able to leverage Violet’s Checkout capabilities while bypassing all order payment requirements. This means you would no longer need to apply shopper payment methods to the cart. In this scenario though, Channels assume all responsibility for facilitating payments between shoppers and merchants.

Channels are fully responsible for their own payment stack and managing payment relationships with their merchants.

Additionally, when using External Payments with Violet, some engineering effort is required to subscribe to the ORDER_CANCELED, ORDER_REFUNDED, and ORDER_RETURNED webhooks, or the catchall ORDER_UPDATED webhook. This is to ensure that channels can facilitate a refund back to the shopper when necessary.

You can learn more about how to do payment bypassing through Violet by going through the following:

  1. Bypassing Payments through Violet

Violet is always improving our payment capabilities and is in the process of supporting many other use-cases. If your use-case is not supported by the methods above or you would like to learn more about External Payments, please reach out to us at