Apply Customer to Cart

This API lets you apply customer information to the cart. The primary purpose of the customer data is to provide the merchant with enough information to communicate with the customer once the order has been submitted.

POST /checkout/cart/{cart_id}/customer

Apply customer details to a given cart. API Reference: Apply Guest Customer to Cart


cart_id - the ID of the cart you would like to add this SKU to

Required Body Parameters:

first_name - the first name of the customer. last_name - the last name of the customer. email - the email address of the customer.

Optional Query Parameters:

shipping_address - the shipping address of the customer. billing_address - the billing address of the customer. same_address - use same address for both.

If only one one address is applied and the same_address property is not set to true only one address will be applied to the cart. The remaining address will still need to be applied before the cart can be completed.




Updated 13 May 2022
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