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This section takes you through using Postman to test the Violet APIs. Make sure you have already signed up at my.violet.io and created an application. You will need your App ID and App Secret to interact with the API. If you haven't, please go through Create a Violet Application

The Violet Postman Collection is available here:Β  Violet Postman Collectionο»Ώ

If you would like to fork the collection into your Postman workspace, you can do so here: Fork Violet Postman Collectionο»Ώ


This API tests your connection to Violet by logging into your Application. Add X-Violet-App-Id and X-Violet-App-Secret added to your headers for login. These are available from the application you created on my.violet.io. Every request after login will require these header params for authentication, along with the X-Violet-Token that you get from login and refreshing your token.

In addition to the headers mentioned above, include your username (your username is the email you signed up with) and password. If successful, an access token will be returned in the response body for use in additional requests against the API along with information about your API.

Get a cake by its ID
Body Parameters
ID of the cake to get

If you are using our Postman collection, you can add X-Violet-App-Id and X-Violet-App-Secret in the environment variables. After calling login, refresh tokens will automatically be set so that your other calls are authenticated.



Updated 16 May 2022
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