Q. How do refunds work?

When a refund occurs, all disbursements related to the transaction are reversed and the customer receives the full amount they originally paid. The means that the merchant, the developer, Violet, and Stripe all forfeit their parts of the transaction.

Q. How do I know when an order is completed/delivered?

An order is considered to be in a COMPLETED state when the merchant marks the order as FULFILLED and provides a tracking number. This tracking number becomes available to you, the developer, as soon as the merchant takes this action. You can be notified of this update in real time by registering a webhook for this event.

Q. How do I go live?

When you're ready to go live please send us a quick note with your App ID to support@violet.io.

Q. How do I report a bug?

If you've discovered a sensitive bug please notify us with a description of the bug at support@violet.io. If the bug is likely not sensitive, please report it in the designated bugs channel of our Slack Community. At the present time there is no bug bounty. Any attempts to extort will be ignored.

Q. Who's app is the merchant installing in their store?

In the current iteration of Violet the merchant is installing an application branded as Violet. The ability for developers to use their own applications in the merchant's store will become available in an upcoming release.

Q. Which emails do the shoppers receive?

Shoppers will receive any emails that they would have received if they had purchased the product directly on the merchant's website. Orders placed through Violet go directly into the merchant's existing order management system and are therefore treated as any traditional order would be.

Q. How are shipping methods handled?

The available shipping methods returned by the Violet API are live shipping methods/rates that come directly from the ecom platform. We accomplish this by mirroring the cart in real time within the ecom platform so that by the time we need to request shipping rates, the ecom platform already has the required data to provide accurate rates.

Updated 21 Apr 2022
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