Connect a Merchant

Set up Violet Connect

The channel will be responsible for providing the following values that will populate and configure the onboarding experience. In a future release of the Violet dashboard these values will be configured dynamically by the channel. Until then the channel must deliver them to Violet through alternative delivery channels that will be discussed during the application process.

  • Subdomain (ex. *myapp.violetconnect.me)*
  • App Name
  • App Description
  • Square Logo or Icon
  • Supported Commerce Platforms List
  • More Info URL
  • Redirect URL (where the merchant should return to upon success)

Once these values have been provided to Violet they will be applied to your Violet app’s configuration. If you’re ready to get started and provide Violet with these values, you can complete this form to begin the process.

Connecting Merchants

Once setup you can go to your selected subdomain myapp.violetconnect.me then go through the setup flow.

Custom State

Using the state query string parameter you can pass a value into Violet Connect that will be returned to you when the merchant completes the onboarding process. As an example, if your Violet Connect domain was myapp.violetconnect.me and your redirect URL was myapp.com, myapp.violetconnect.me?state=sample will redirect the merchant to myapp.com?state=sample upon completion.

Updated 14 Jun 2022
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