This guide is intended for Ecwid merchants who are connecting their store to Violet. During the connection process, the merchant will install the Violet app through their Ecwid dashboard. Upon completion Ecwid will automatically provide Violet with the access keys required to sync with the merchants store. Total time for completion is around 2 minutes.

Step 1: Installing the Violet App

  1. From Violet Connect select Ecwid as your platform.
  2. Click Continue. You will be redirected to Ecwid.
  3. Click the Accept button to accept the required access scopes.
  4. The Violet app will now be installed and the embedded app experience will load. You are now successfully connected to Violet.

Upon success you will be redirected back to the channel who first sent you to Violet.


As there is no concept of refunds in the Ecwid API, Violet is unable to be notified of refunds or access any refund data. As a temporary workaround, you will need to perform one of the following steps.

Option 1: Mark Order as Cancelled This option requires the least amount of effort. Simply mark any Violet orders as cancelled when the order is refunded and Violet will treat it as a refund.

Option 2: Notify Violet of Refunds This option will likely require the involvement of your engineering team. When a refund occurs, you will need to send information about the refund to Violet so that it can process the refund accordingly. If you choose this option, the integration documentation will be shared with you by Violet or the channel that onboarded you.