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Only Required for allow-listed Apps

The following guide is for channels that wish to use their own Shopify app. If you are using the Violet Shopify app the below requirements do not apply to you.

Connection Requirements

To connect Shopify merchants to your application through Violet Connect, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Have a Shopify Application
    • If you do not yet have a Shopify application, follow this guide from Shopify. Shopify apps are easier to create now than ever before so don't let this feel like a blocker.
    • Pre December 2019 your application is not required to be listed in the Shopify marketplace and is not subject to Shopify’s review.
    • Post December 2019 your application is subject to review by Shopify before any merchants can connect and must be listed in Shopify’s marketplace where it is subject to Shopify’s developer agreements.
  • You must provide Violet with any additional scopes you may require beyond the ones utilized by Violet.
  • Your Shopify app must be a Sales Channel.
You will find the Allowed redirect URL(s) field in the URLs section of your App setup view.
You will find the Allowed redirect URL(s) field in the URLs section of your App setup view.
  • Provide Violet with Client ID and Client Secret for your Shopify Application. These are required for Violet to communicate with with Shopify on your applications behalf. Any OAuth keys that are later created when merchant’s connect will be scoped to your applications Client ID and Client Secret. Please contact your Violet representative to provide these values when you are ready.

3rd Party Cookies

Merchant's must have 3rd party cookies enabled in their browser when using Shopify apps. It is recommended that these are enabled before they begin the connection process.

Updated 13 May 2022
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